How To Be Rooted in Christ |Being the R.E.A.L. You

Something that God has really been teaching me lately is that it’s ok to be authentic and real. In fact, it’s important to be real in order to be the person God created you to be.

So, over the next few weeks, I will do a short series on Being the R.E.A.L. You! I pray that by the end of this you will be on your way to becoming the person God created you to be!

For today’s post, we will be focusing on the R:

R – Rooted in Christ

Just as every house needs a solid foundation, we too need a solid foundation in order to become the person God created us to be. This foundation is the never-ending, reckless love, of God.

In order to achieve becoming the person God created us to be, we need a solid relationship with Christ. We need to truly become rooted in Him.

Yet, how do we do that?

Dig into God’s Word

One way to grow our relationship is to invest our time into reading the Bible.

Now, when I say read the Bible, I mean really dig into to it. Understand what it’s saying. Yearn for the Lord through it. Believe it. Meditate on it. Truly dig yourself into it.

The Bible is our gateway to Jesus. It’s how we are able to know about Him and his character. It’s how we know how the Lord wants us to live. Honestly, it’s out encouragement and guide for life.


While reading the Bible is SO important, prayer is right there with it too.

I like to think of prayer this way:

How deep can a friendship be if one person is always doing all the talking? The other one puts little to no effort into the relationship, and it feels one sided.

The same can be true if neither person puts in the effort. The want for the relationship may be there, but until both people come together and invest time in one another, the relationship won’t be satisfying.

That’s how prayer is in our relationship with Christ. In order to build that relationship with Christ that you’ve always wanted, you must invest yourself. You must communicate. Our way of communicating with Christ is through prayer.

By communicating, you open a door to learning more about who God is and who he wants you to become!


This is probably the most important step in creating a solid foundation. You can read the entire Bible and say all the prayers, but if you are still holding back, you will be unable to be the person God created you to be.

As hard as it may be, surrendering everything you have to Christ is so necessary. Admitting that your plans don’t matter is not easy. Committing your life to Christ can be daunting. I understand, but I promise the moment that you give everything you have to Christ, you will see a difference. You will begin to see just how much he can change you!

Why Should I be Rooted in Christ?

In Junior High, I worried a lot. I worried so much I would make myself sick. In fact, I almost missed all 10 days of school because I had made myself so sick.

At the time, I would read the Bible and pray everyday, but I look back and realize I was just going through the motions. I was reading but not retaining. I was praying but not truly committing.

This year, I began really trusting in the Lord. I began memorizing scripture and praying not just to say the words. I began reading the Bible and actually digging into it. I stopped making excuses and made time to grow in the Lord.

By doing this, for one, so many of my questions of what God was calling me to were answered, and also, I am no longer near as stressed or worried (and I am a whole lot more busy.) I began trusting the Lord.

Now, when I begin to get worried or stress, I take it to the Lord. Even if it’s a short prayer of “God I need you. I need your love and your comfort.”

I’m not telling you this for you to think about who “perfect” I am, because I am nowhere near it. I want you to see though that spending time with the Lord and truly being rooted in Him will change your life for the good.

What does this even look like?

Being rooted in Christ means to submit to the Lord with everything that we have. It means to daily go to him in order to grow in him. It means to trust him even when you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being rooted in Christ will help you release the chains of fear, anxiety, worry, stress, shame, guilt, and all those things pulling us back. When you build your life upon the Love of Christ, you can become confident.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and begin spending time with the Lord. Those moments will become your favotire moments of the day (they are for me anyway)!

See ya next time beautiful people!



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