Announcement (Trust me, you don’t want to miss it)

You guys, I’m so excited! I have been working on this project for about six months now, and I am so happy to finally get to share it with you!

Drumroll please….


When I first started this blog, I wanted to start small just to see if anyone would read it. And you guys, you guys showed up! Thank you so much for supporting me and helping make my dream and calling to become a reality!

I thought before I give you the link to the new Mabry Lane, I would answer a few questions that you might have!

Will the older posts be on the new website?

Yep! All of the posts have been transferred to the new website! You can find them by clicking on the Devotion or Lifestyle tab and scrolling down! However, I will not be adding the new posts to the older website. After today, all new blog posts will be posted on the new Mabry Lane.

Will subscribers need to resubscribe?

Nope! I am still using the same company to send my emails so if you are currently subscribed to this blog, there is no need to subscribe again! If you have not subscribed, you will definitely want to! I am going to be sending emails more than I am now!

Are you offering anything new?

YES! There are so many things that I am wanting to add to the website, but for now, I will stick to only a couple things.

One of those things is prayer requests! (I am so excited about this!) Sometimes you have a prayer request that you either don’t feel comfortable sharing with a friend, or you don’t have a friend to share it with. I want to be able to pray for those requests! I want to be your friend to chat with, encourage, and to pray with! You can find more information about this on the prayer requests tab.

Another thing I will be doing is sending weekly “newsletters” to the email subscribers! This will include a round-up of the posts from that week, latest social media posts, thoughts for the week, free printables, updates, and other fun things!

Is your posting schedule going to remain the same?

Kind of. I will continue to post devotions every Tuesday, but I will only be posting lifestyle posts and tips on 2 Thursdays a month.

One more thing…

Tomorrow, August 23, 2020, Mabry Lane is doing a giveaway! For this giveaway, I am partnering with Pike Creek Cuts (Go support Mallory on Facebook!) to giveaway a cute shirt that we designed! Follow Mabry Lane on Facebook, and/or Instagram to find the rules and enter the giveaway! (More information to come)

Alright, I guess it’s time to give you the link now! Go take a look around! I hope you love it as much as I do!

See ya on the new blog beautiful people!



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