• Maybe You are Not the “Popular Kid”
    Have you ever watched any kind of movie that occurred at lunch in a school setting? I am sure that most of you probably have. So, let's think back to this lunch room setting for a moment. In almost every movie with a high school lunchroom that I have watched, there is a "popular kids" … Read more
  • 4 Characteristics of a Good Friend
    This week, I want to talk a little bit about our friendships. How can we be better friends? I believe that friendships can make or break us. They can make us a better person or send us out on the wrong path. So, it's important to choose the right friends and be the right friend! … Read more
  • Worship
    Every year that I go to church camp, the thing that I look forward to the most is worship. I love to go and sing songs to God with the lights turned down and the music turned up! At these camps, I will worship like no one is watching. Yet, when I return home, it's … Read more
  • Giants That Are Shaping Us
    Last Sunday was an interesting day in my life with God. I never thought I could feel so many different feelings in one day! As we sat in our little group in youth the other night, we talked about our giants. One thing in our group that we called "giants" were our siblings. I am … Read more
  • 3 Studying Tips that Work for Me – Free Day Friday
    You know, I used to be able to take a test and do great without even studying. Yeah, that's not the case anymore! Chances are, if you are in junior high, high school, or college, you have to put time and effort into studying. Sometimes, it's hard to study and actually comprehend what you are … Read more

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